We are empowerment through style. NAHE’s owner works with vulnerable women as a therapist and counselor. There in the field she discovered that part of building a strong and positive self-esteem is believing in one’s self-image. Clothing can affect and reflect how we perceive ourselves and can have a direct impact on our mood, health and overall confidence. Dressing well is usually one of the first steps women can take to recognize that they are capable of anything they set out to do. The experience of wearing comfortable and beautiful clothes symbolically elevates them from their situations, which helps them start feeling more confident and more beautiful. Ultimately one step in the right direction.

NAHE was created with the core belief that beautiful and comfortable clothing is transformational. By shopping at NAHE you are empowering yourself and other women. Our goal is that from each purchase we donate a percent of the profits to causes that promotes power and independence for women in vulnerable populations. In addition to looking spectacular you are creating opportunity and hope for other women.

If you want to be closer to the empowerment of women and support those who support , here is a list (among many organizations) that you can connect with and support here in Puerto Rico. 

The woman who runs NAHE

NAHE is the blend of two passions, being stylish and supporting others. Holding a PhD in Psychology and over a decade of field experience, she works with survivors of domestic violence. She has witnessed the challenges and struggles that women go through when rebuilding their confidence and self esteem. She has also experienced first hand the challenges organizations face when trying to provide services with lack of funding and minimal resources. Through NAHE, her mission is to financially help nonprofit organizations.

Shop with intention and wear empowerment.Together we are stronger.